Jeffrey R. Broido

Systems Programmer

104 Mills Street

Morristown, NJ 07960-3722

(973) 455-0362


U.S. Citizen, born 11 April 1947, Oceanside, NY


B.A. in Mathematics, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY. May, 1970.

NY State Regents’ High School diploma, Rockville Centre, NY. June, 1965.


Regular staff employment:

2003 — Present: Self-Employed, Clams’ End Collectibles, Morristown, NJ

My wife and I run a small, retail business out of our home.  We buy antiques at live auctions and sell them on eBay under UserID xenobia777.

2002 — 2003: Personal Chef

My wife and I worked as personal chefs for a local family as well as doing private catering, supplying vegan desserts for Metro Caf้, Denville, NJ

9/2002 — 3/2003: Unity Charter School, Morristown, NJ.

Assistant Chef. My wife, the Head Chef, and I were a team, cooking vegetarian meals for the students and staff of this unique, small school. We made almost everything from scratch, including baking fresh bread daily, and served no junk food.

8/1999 — 6/2001: Pershing div. of Credit Suisse First Boston, Florham Park, NJ.

This permanent position was a continuation of my most recent consulting contract; see item immediately below. Senior OS/390 Systems Programmer supporting large brokerage back office operation. Assist in upgrading to OS/390 2.7 and OS/390 2.10. Support Unix System Services ("OpenEdition"). Key member of the disaster recovery team. Devise and administer new SMP/E maintenance methodology including Unix Systems Services. Work on planning and early implementation phases of GDPS/XRC with ESS ("Shark") DASD.

Broido Computer Consulting, 11/1983 — 8/1999. Consulting Contracts:

8/1998 — 8/1999: Pershing div. of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Florham Park, NJ.

Senior OS/390 Systems Programmer helping support large brokerage back office. Installed OS/390 2.5, converting Pershing from MVS/ESA 5.2.2. Brought up Unix System Services ("OpenEdition") under OS/390. Administer Unix System Services. Train Systems Programmers. Write assembler code. Solve system problems.

1/1995 — 8/1998: Broido Computer Consulting

PC support work for various clients, including private individuals, J. Ingram Associates, Retail Connection, Case Technologies, GMO Associates, Family First Health Care, Alert Decisions, Piscataway Funeral Home and many others. Work typically includes training, networking existing computers, assembling systems from scratch, software installation and ergonomic set-up, troubleshooting, etc.

9/1994 — 5/1996: Security APL, Inc., Jersey City, NJ

Occasional ad-hoc work involving PC support and Internet/World Wide Web interface.

1/1993 — 7/1998: Theodore Presser Company, Bryn Mawr, PA.

PC support work on an on-call basis including installation of hardware and software, ergonomic setup, troubleshooting, training on an individual and group basis and hardware modification including delicate soldering. Installed all hardware and software for an Ethernet network using Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 and Windows 98.

2/1992 — 12/1992: Pershing div. of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Jersey City, NJ.

Helped upgrade from MVS/ESA 3.1.3 to MVS/ESA 4.2.2 including planning, writing exits, installing new versions of packages, including CA1 5.0, debugging, etc. General Systems Programming work in aid of staff including user support and emergency problem resolution. Environment: ES9000/720, 3390, 3380, MVS/ESA, JES2, etc.

11/1991 — 9/1992: Schering-Plough Corporation, Kenilworth, NJ.

Upon the resignation of the Manager of Systems Programming, I was contracted to provide Systems Programming support and advice. I also helped hire a new Manager, including performing all of the technical interviews. I wrote exits and stand-alone utilities in assembler, did performance analysis and tuning, installed products, performed systems maintenance, educated Systems Programmers and helped install ESA and software upgrades. Extended three times. Environment: ES9000/480, 3380, 3390, MVS/XA 2.2.0., MVS/ESA 4.2.2., JES2, etc.

2/1991 — 8/1991: Schering-Plough Corporation, Kenilworth, NJ.

Upon the resignation of an earlier Manager of Systems Programming, I was contracted to provide Systems Programming support and advice. See above regarding normal duties. Additionally, I helped plan for new DASD, solid state paging device and a new CPU. Extended once. Environment: 3084 Q64, 3380, MVS/XA 2.2.0., JES2, etc.

9/1990 — 10/1990: Molecular Design Limited, San Leandro, CA.

I was contracted to tune the system, install maintenance, install public domain and my proprietary software, polish the system, and teach the single System Programmer maintenance and IPCS debugging techniques. In addition, I helped setup NCP and VTAM for their first communication front end. Environment: 4381, 3380, 3720, MVS/XA 2.2.0., etc.

7/1990 — 8/1990: Pershing div. of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Jersey City, NJ.

I was contracted to help convert their Jersey City data center (see below) from MVS/XA 2.2.0 to MVS/ESA 3.1.3. While doing this, I also did general Systems Programming support work.

6/1988 — 9/1989: Pershing div. of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Jersey City, NJ.

I was contracted to solve an emergency performance problem on their 3090/180s running MVS/XA 2.1.7. After solving this problem, I was extended several times to do general System Programming work including problem resolution, software installation and maintenance, writing of utility programs in Assembler, education of other System Programmers and support personnel, interviewing System Programming candidates, and conversion to MVS/XA 2.2.0 running on a partitioned 3090/400E. As a team member, I played a major part in the move of Pershing's data center to Jersey City, NJ.

9/1988 — 5/1989: Schering-Plough Corporation, Kenilworth, NJ.

On a part time basis I installed a CBIPO, reworked exits and usermods and did general System Programming work. The end result was that I brought the data center five years forward to current maintenance levels under MVS/XA 2.2.0.

9/1987 — 5/1988: Electronic Data Systems, Mahwah, NJ.

I was contracted by EDS to substitute for an MVS System Programmer on two month leave from their Western Union facility (see below). I was extended several times to work on their conversion from MVS/SP 1.3.5 to XA 2.2.0. My duties included System Programmer education, rewriting of exits, writing utility programs in Assembler, installing software under MVS/XA, etc.

4/1987 — 10/1987: Schering-Plough Corporation, Kenilworth, NJ.

In the absence of a System Programming staff, I was contracted to deliver general System Programming services to Schering's Research Computer Center. My tasks included documentation of the current XA 2.1.3 system, upgrade to current levels of selected software packages, resolution of many outstanding and new problems, audit of the current system, performance tuning, TSO support, carrying out technical interviews of System Programming candidates, writing of custom software in Assembler, etc.

4/1986 — 2/1987: Electronic Data Systems, Mahwah, NJ.

I was contracted to substitute for an MVS System Programmer on a two month leave from their Western Union facility. My duties involved the conversion to a new release of MVS and miscellaneous projects assigned to that person. As my supervisor became familiar with my work, these duties were extended to performance tuning, education of System Programmers in Assembly language programming and MVS internals, education of Technical Support personnel, writing of utility programs, etc. Extended three times despite the return of the System Programmer on leave. Environment: Dual IBM 3081, 32 megabyte each. Software: MVS/SP 1.3.5, JES2 1.3.4, TSO/E V2, ISPF/PDF V2, CICS, IDMS, TOTAL, ACF2, Omegamon, RMF.

11/1985 — 1/1986: Dean Witter Reynolds, New York, NY.

I helped with the move of the main data center to Dallas, Texas. I performed normal System Programming staff functions as replacement for normal staff, tuned the systems, enhanced TSO, solved emergency problems, wrote support of the Dallas move, helped other System and Application Programmers, educated a Junior System Programmer in support techniques and MVS/XA internals, etc. Environment: IBM 3084, 32 megabytes (operated in double image), IBM 3081, 16 megabyte, etc. Software: MVS/XA 2.1.3, JES2 1.3.4, RACF, RMF.

4/1985 — 10/1985: MCI/Western Union International, Fort Lee, NJ.

I set-up the MVS/SP 1.3.3 software for conversion from Honeywell GCOS. This involved much maintenance and restructuring of the operating system and related software which had been carelessly installed. Performed COMTEN NCPGENs. Performed MVS SYSGENs. Performed routine CICS table maintenance. Installed and tailored much software, including UCC-ONE (TMS), FDR/ABR and SDSF. I trained one of their Application Programmers in MVS System Programming techniques to be their sole system support person. I helped train their operations staff. I advised management on numerous issues involving system performance, software selection, future hardware needs, etc. I wrote exits, stand-alone utilities and TSO commands in Assembler, much of it to enhance their system security and integrity in the absence of any security software package. I wrote many programs and procedures in support of emergency recovery, needed because they had only one system at this site. I greatly enhanced their TSO system. I tuned their system for optimum performance. The contract was extended three times. Environment: IBM 4381-1, 8 megabyte, 3380 disk, COMTEN 3650 front-end. Software: MVS SP 1.3.3, JES2 1.3.4, ISPF/PDF V1, UCC-ONE, ACF VTAM, SDSF, FDR/ABR, CICS 1.6.1, COMTEN NCP, SRM and MAF, RMF.

8/1984 — 4/1985: Twin County Grocers, Edison, NJ.

I engineered conversion from Honeywell 66 to their first large IBM mainframe. I installed all software, trained System Programmers in MVS/XA methods and internals, helped train Application Programmers, advised management on numerous issues of technical policy and standards and wrote exits, stand-alone utilities and TSO commands in Assembler. I greatly enhanced TSO. I tuned their system for optimum performance. I installed TOP SECRET and designed their security plan. The contract was extended twice. Environment: IBM 4381-1, 16 megabyte, 3380 disk, IBM 3705. Software: MVS/XA 2.1.2, TSO/E V2, ISPF/PDF V2, UCC-ONE, IDMS, FDR/ABR, Top Secret, ACF VTAM, ACF NCP, RMF.

12/1983 — 5/1984: Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, New York, NY.

I worked on the conversion of a large data enter from MVS/SP to MVS/XA. I wrote exits, stand-alone utilities and TSO commands in Assembler for the MVS/XA environment. I modified Assembler programs that would not run under MVS/XA. I helped in any way called upon to achieve the goal; this included emergency problem resolution and performance tuning. The contract was extended four times. Environment: Three IBM 3081s, 32 megabyte,3330, 3350 and 3380 disk, 3705, 3725. Software: MVS/XA 2.1.1, JES3, TSO/E V1, ISPF/PDF V1, UCC-ONE, RESOLVE, MSX, ACF2, CICS, RMF, HSM.

11/1983 — 12/1983: Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, New York, NY.

Under short-term contract, I tuned their system for optimum performance. Concurrently I enhanced their TSO subsystem. The contract was extended once. Environment: Two IBM 3083, 16 megabyte each, 3350 and 3380 disk, 3705. Software: MVS SP 1.3.1, SPF/MVS, UCC-ONE, CICS, Omegamon, RMF.


Regular staff employment:

12/1982 — 4/1983: International Data Processing, Murray Hill, NJ.

Senior System Programmer with responsibilities in all areas. The System Programming staff consisted of myself and a person I was training. I was responsible for all areas of MVS including performance analysis and tuning, capacity planning, SYSGENs, maintenance, writing exits, TSO support, JES2 support, problem resolution and training operators and my neophyte. I was responsible as well for VTAM, NCP, CICS, APL and end-user support. Environment: IBM 4341-2, 12 megabyte, 3350 disk, 3705. Software: MVS SP 1.1.1, JES2, TSO, CICS, ACF VTAM, ACF NCP, SPF/MVS, RMF.

12/1981 — 12/1982: American International Group, East Orange, NJ

System Programming Project Leader with responsibilities in most areas. I specialized in performance tuning, TSO, Application Programmer support, MVS internals and maintenance, JES2, graphics and security software. I supervised one person. Environment: IBM 3033/N, and 3033/S, both 8 megabyte, 3350 disk, 3705. Software: MVS SP 1.1.1 and 1.3.1, JES2, TSO, SPF/MVS, ISPF/PDF V1, CICS, IMS/DB, ACF VTAM, ACF NCP, RACF, GDDM, RMF.

12/1978 — 8/1981: Johnson and Johnson Management Info. Center, Raritan, NJ.

Manager of Technical Projects. I supervised from two to five people, including up to three System Programmers. I had responsibilities in most areas, specializing in the creative aspects of System Programming. This included TSO support, MVS internals, system software development, Application Programmer support, system security software and emergency problem resolution. Environment: IBM 370/168-III, 12 megabyte (8 IBM, 4 Intel), 370/158-III AP, 6 megabyte, 3330 & 3350 disk, 3705. Software: MVS 3.8 SE II, JES2, TSO, SPF/MVS, CICS, ADABAS, GDDM, ACF VTAM, ACF NCP, ACF2, RMF.

12/1976 — 12/1978: Colgate Palmolive, Piscataway, NJ.

Senior System Programmer with responsibilities in most areas. I specialized in performance analysis and tuning, capacity planning and TSO software and user support. I performed all SYSGENs. I aided in the conversion from VS1 to MVS. Environment: IBM 370/158 AP, 8 megabyte (6 IBM, 2 STC), 370/158, 4 megabyte, 3330 and 3350 disk, 3705. Software: MVS 3.8, JES2, TSO, SPF/TSO, SPF/MVS, CICS, IMS DB/DC, PCF-II, TONE, RMF.

1/1972 — 12/1976: New Jersey Educational Computer Network, Piscataway, NJ.

When I started, this was the academic computer center of Rutgers University (CCIS). The mainframe systems were absorbed by the state when NJECN was formed in 1975. I was the Lead System Programmer with responsibilities in all areas. I specialized in timesharing support, user support, graphics, OS internals and communication front-end programming. I wrote stand-alone utilities, modifications to CALL-OS and OS and extensive software for the 3705 and COMTEN 3670, all in Assembler. I performed secondary support duties for the DEC PDP 10 system, and was Rutgers' ARPA network coordinator. For over a year, until I hired my own boss, I was the acting manager of System Programming. Environment: IBM 370/168, 3 megabyte, 370/158 AP, 2 megabyte, 360/67, 2.75 megabyte, 2314 and 3330 disk, 2301 drum, 2703, 3705, COMTEN 3670, Digital PDP KI-10. Software: OS/MVT 19.6 through 21.8, OS/SVS (VS/2 release 1), HASP II 2.3 through 4.1, CALL-OS, APL/SV, ATS, Coursewriter-III, TOPS-10.

12/1970 — 11/1971: Radnor Graphic Arts (Fuller Organization), Radnor, PA.

System and Application Programmer with responsibilities in all areas. I wrote application programs in FORTRAN and system utilities, subroutines and modifications to the operating system in 1130 Assembler. The shop supported computerized typesetting. Environment: IBM 1130, 16K words (32K bytes), 2415 tape drives. Software: DMS R.6.

Skills summary (skills are expert level unless otherwise noted):

PC hardware, PC software, MS-Windows (all versions), MS-DOS, PC training. Ethernet. TCP/IP. 360/370/390-XA Assembler. 1130 Assembler. COMTEN 3670 Assembler. 3705 Assembler. JCL. CLIST language, DEC-10/20 MACRO (light). FORTRAN. PL/I (moderate). APL (light). BASIC (moderate). C (light). OS/390 internals. MVS/ESA internals. MVS/XA internals. MVS/SP internals. OS/360 MVT internals. JES2 and HASP internals. System maintenance via SMP/E. Performance analysis and tuning. Capacity planning. Basic and advanced MVS services. All aspects of TSO/E. Graphics hardware and software (including 3279, 3179, 3192, 3287, Tektronix 4010, CALCOMP plotters, GDDM). Hewlett-Packard desktop computers including the 9807 IPC. UNIX at the user level on the H-P IPC (light). OS/390 Unix System Services ("OpenEdition") (moderate to expert). VTAM definition (moderate). VTAM macro level coding (moderate). TCAM (light). NCP (moderate). Security software including Top Secret, ACF-2, RACF (the latter light). SYSGEN. MVSCP. IOCP Gen. NCPGEN. EPGEN. Communications hardware (moderate to expert). Software conversions. Training of System Programmers, timesharing users, PC users and console operators. Exposure to but no real expertise in the following: CICS, IDMS, ADABAS, IMS, Honeywell level 66, GCOS, DB-2.


Unity Charter School: $10/hr.

Pershing: $120,000 plus $19,000 bonus as of 12/2000.

International Data Processing: $43,000.

American International Group: $37,500.

Johnson & Johnson: $35,000 plus $3,000 bonus as of 12/80.

Colgate Palmolive: $24,000.

NJECN (Rutgers): $19,500.

Radnor Graphic Arts: $ 7,800.

Consulting rates:

Personal Chef: $25/hr.

Pershing (latest contract): $800/day, net.

Broido Computer Consulting PC work: $300 - $600/day, net.

Security APL, Inc.: $500/7.5-hr day, net.

Theodore Presser Company: $50/hr, net.

Schering-Plough (after 2/91): $500/8-hr day, net. Billed at $600/day.

Molecular Design Limited: $750/7.5-hr day, net.

Pershing (early contracts): $500/7.5-hr day, net.

EDS at WUTC (2nd contract): $450/8-hr day, net. Billed at $550/day.

Schering-Plough (before 2/91): $450/8-hr day, net. Billed at $550/day.

EDS at WUTC: $425/8-hr day, net. Billed at $525/day.

Dean Witter Reynolds: $500/7-hr day, net. Billed at $650/day.

MCI/WUI: $400/7.5-hr day, net. Billed at $600/day.

Twin County Grocers: $400/8-hr day, net. Billed at $450/day.

Manufacturers Hanover: $400/7-hr day, net. Billed at $475/day.

Merrill Lynch: $400/7.5-hr day, net.